Volunteering at The Museum

Museum Receptionist:
This group of volunteers helps create a fuller experience for visitors. These volunteers are able to provide basic information about the history, resources, and other areas of interest to the visitors. They provide a face and visibility of the museum, interacting with the public in a bigger capacity than most staff. Museum receptionist will also assist with bulk mailings and the museum’s gift shop. They will receive visitors, complete transactions for admission, and gift shop items.

Volunteers can work on many different stages of the curation and exhibit processes. They may choose to focus on specific parts or the whole process from conception to installation. Exhibits are best suited to potential volunteers that are interested in the storytelling of history and how it is realized.

Board Membership:
Becoming a board member is a way to volunteer for the Society. This is a nomination based volunteership. Please contact Bob Hart for more information: director@lchm.org (541) 682-4242.

Volunteer Application

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