Grants and Awards


Since 2014 the LCHS annually has provided modest grants throughout Lane County for projects involving local history. The grants can be made to organizations, individuals and businesses. Preference is first given to other museums within the county.  Geographical spread is also a consideration in order to avoid urban loading, as is the anticipated quality of the proposed project result. The average grant over the years has been approximately $1,100.00. Grantees are publicly announced and the checks presented at the annual meeting of the Lane County Historical Society held in February.

Grant applications are accepted at the Lane County Historical Museum from July 1st through November 1st for projects to be conducted the following year.  Project grant applications and budget forms are located below:


Since 2017 the LCHS has also provided recognition of historical excellence for both individuals and organizations. Recognition plaques are awarded for individual and lifetime achievement for individuals, and also for organizational excellence for organizations. The awards are announced at the annual meeting of the Lane County Historical Society held in February.

Award nominations should be made with a simple letter or email with a rationale for the nomination. The LCHS Outreach Committee will do follow up as necessary, as well as consider nominees from its own members. Excellence award nominations can be made any time during a calendar year until December 1st.  Letters should be sent to: Director, Lane County History Museum, 740 W. 13th Ave., Eugene, OR 97402 and emails to

The Outreach Committee has decided to extend the deadline for History Excellence Award nominations through January 15. A fourth and new historic preservation category will be added for this and future rounds of awards.