2018 Heritage Outreach Grants and Awards

Heritage Outreach Grants

The Lane County Historical Society is pleased to announce a new round of Heritage Outreach Grants. Nine grants totaling almost $8,600 were awarded last February to promote historical activities ranging from window restoration at the W.O.W. Hall to support of the Old Time Fiddlers summer fiddle camp, seed money for a visionary children’s book program linking generations, author support for a local memoir, educational programming for the Uprooted exhibition on WWII Japanese American internees working as agricultural laborers, a Victorian summer camp, collections documentation at Singing Creek Educational Center, a collections management system upgrade at the Shelton McMurphey Johnson House, and table rental funds for the Fort Umpqua Muzzleloaders.

“We are pleased to be entering our fifth year of grant awards. Limited dollars have resulted in solid projects and the results have supported historical endeavors throughout the county. As word of the program spreads, we hope to encourage additional worthwhile historical projects,” stated Bob Hart, LCHS executive director.

Broad eligibility applies for the grants: non-profits, museums, commercial businesses, tribes, and individuals. Geographical dispersal of funds is also a consideration, so that communities beyond the Springfield-Eugene urban area may also benefit from the program. Grant awards may range up to a $2,500 maximum, but it is the Society intention to award at least 5 grants in order to increase the number of recipients and give smaller projects a better chance of a grant award.

Applications for projects will be accepted until November 1st, 2017 for grant projects beginning before June 30, 2018. Successful Heritage Outreach Grant applicants will be publicly announced at the Lane County Historical Society annual meeting on February 10th, 2018. Application forms and guidelines can be downloaded below or requested from the Society at 740 W. 13th Ave, Eugene, 97402

Heritage Outreach Grant Guidelines PDF

Heritage Outreach Grant Budget Form PDF

History Excellence Awards

Now in its second year, History Excellence Awards are made in three categories:

Individual Achievement Award, Organizational Excellence Award, and Lifetime Achievement Award. The first two are for achievements during the current calendar year and the latter for long-term achievement.Nominations require a simple letter, electronic or hard copy, by a December 1st, 2017 deadline. The Outreach Committee will follow up if more information is desired. Letters should be sent to: Outreach Committee, Lane County Historical Museum, PO Box 5407, Eugene, OR 97405 or director@lchm.org


2017 Heritage Outreach Grant Recipients:

  1. Singing Creek Educational Center. $1,050 for collections documentation
  2. Old Time Fiddlers Association, West Cascades Fiddle Camp. $1,395
  3. Shelton McMurphey Johnson House. $824 for Past Perfect software upgrades
  4. Umpqua Muzzleloaders. $300 for Frontier Heritage Fair non-profit table rental
  5. Oregon Asian Celebration, Uprooted Exhibit. $500 for rural school field trips to LCHM “Uprooted” exhibit
  6. WOW Hall. $2,400 for window replacement
  7. Lori Britain. $620, Talking Table Story Project, Bringing Generations Together oral histories
  8. Shelton McMurphey Johnson House. $1,000 for a Very Victorian Finishing School Summer Camp
  9. Lynn Ash, Eugeneana: A Webfoot Journal. $500 for manuscript printing costs

In addition to the established Heritage Outreach Grant awards above, this year the Society is inaugurating a new award category, that of History Excellence Awards. Each winner will receive a handsome plaque of recognition, as well as a $500 check. This year’s award-winners are:

Kay Holbo, lifetime achievement, Eugene Masonic Cemetery;
Marcia Allen, lifetime achievement, Cottage Grove Historian Extraordinaire;
Jonathan Pincus, individual achievement, WOW Hall
Faye and Lucille Stewart Foundation, organizational excellence;

2016 Heritage Outreach Grant Recipients:

  1. Rebekah Lodge #252. $2,500
  2. Friends of Civic Stadium. $2,268
  3. Oregon Air & Space Museum. $1,122
  4. Lisa Ponder and Alice Aikens. $1,000, JAAM publication
  5. Springfield Museum. $850
  6. Singing Creek Education Center. $745
  7. Lane Chapter, Oregon Quilt Project. $615
  8. Ft. Umpqua Muzzleloaders. $285

This year the grant awards totaled $9,385 from Society coffers. Two of our recipients (1. and 6. above) also received grant awards this year from the Lane County Cultural Coalition. Historical endeavors, whether by individuals or organizations, are eligible for the grants. The LCHS Outreach committee has two priorities in determining recipients: historical museum project support, followed by countywide distribution of the funds to avoid urban loading. The Heritage Outreach grant program continues in 2017. Program announcements are made in July; applications are due by November 1st, and grant recipients will be announced at the February 11, 2017 annual meeting.